Our Services

Our security solutions are designed to provide comprehensive services to keep people and property safe and secure. Built around our standard of premier customer service, our solutions prioritize your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking security coverage for your business, venue, or event, we consider every facet of your situation combined with the top industry standards for safety and security.

Security Guards

Our security guards are properly trained and licensed to mitigate risk and protect people and assets from incident.

Concierge Security

Concierge Staff are the first official faces your patrons or guests will see, setting the tone for your facility or event with top-notch customer service.

Security Patrol

Security patrol can help monitor your property and provide extra security whether you have acres or land or multiple locations to protect.

Event Staff

Our event staff and conference services can handle your specific requirements, whether you need alcohol and crowd management or a suit-and-tie presence.

Conference & Meeting Services

Your conference or meeting deserves top-notch attention to detail, professionalism, and customer service. Trust Elite for a successful conference or meeting.

VIP Protection

At Elite Security & Staffing, we’re prepared to provide VIP security that goes the extra mile and demands a higher level of attention and precaution.

Office Administrative Staff

Our Office Administrative Staff solutions can help you keep up with the demands of a busy office.

Specialized Services

Elite Security & Staffing’s Specialized Services are available to help you meet unique or unpredicted challenges in your security or staffing needs.

Training & Certification

Our training and certification process is unmatched in the industry. Trust Elite for teaching crucial information and reliable training and certification.

Emergency Readiness & Response

From our event staff to our experienced managers and training staff, we understand the need for emergency readiness in the facilities and venues we guard.

Security Consulting

Our security consulting services can help you determine how to tackle your top priorities in safety. We can create a plan to protect your people and property.

Security Audit

Our security auditing services will help you evaluate the areas where your safety procedures and processes can improve. Trust Elite to audit your safety needs.