Our Solutions

Elite staffs events and facilities with professionals who create a safe and secure environment. We design customized security solutions and deploy security guards nationwide to sports & entertainment venues, conferences, commercial properties, residential communities, retail, schools, healthcare and places of worship.

Office Building Security

Everyone deserves to work in a place where they feel safe and secure. We can provide the office security you need so you can carry on with your business.

Residential Community Security

Safety and security are paramount in any residence. Residents want peace of mind that their community is secure. Trust Elite to guard your residential area.

Retail & Dining Establishment Security

Retail and Dining Establishments experience a foot and vehicle traffic like no other. Trust Elite to provide retail security for your tenants and customers.

Industrial & Construction Site Security

Industrial and construction sites are prime targets for illegal activity. Trust Elite to guard your site and ensure the best outcome for your industrial site.

Healthcare, Biotech & Hospital Security

Security for hospitals, healthcare, and biotech facilities demands extra levels of attention to detail and care so you can focus on helping and healing.

Hotel & Resort Security

Part of an incredible guest experience at your hotel or resort is the satisfaction of a safe and secure stay. Trust Elite to guard your property and guests.

Educational Institution Security

We understand that providing school security ensures students of all ages and abilities are provided the peace of mind to learn without distraction.

Houses of Worship Security

We can help with your temple, mosque, synagogue, or church security. Trust Elite to keep watch so you can worship in peace.

Maritime & Transportation Security

Maritime and Transportation Security requires vigilance, exceptional training, and familiarity only experience can provide.

Public Assembly & Community Security

Public Assembly and Community Centers are central to the way our society interacts and relates to each other. Trust Elite to keep your facility a safe and welcoming place.

Sports & Entertainment Venue Security

Elite Security & Staffing has provided venue security for satisfied sports and entertainment clients since 1995.

Media & Film Production Security

You shouldn’t have to worry about security while you manage the demands of a media or film production. Elite Security & Staffing can help you focus on filming.

Event Security & Staffing

Event security can require dozens or more qualified staff to ensure the safety of all attendees. We can ensure your event is safe and successful.

Conference & Consumer Show Staffing

Conferences and Consumer Shows require a sizable security solution to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your attendees. We can help.

Security Consulting & Specialized Services

Security solutions don’t always come easy – there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Trust Elite for consulting and specialized solutions to meet your needs.