Our Solutions

Elite staffs facilities, communities and events with professionals who create a safe, secure and satisfying environment. We design customized security solutions and deploy security guards nationwide to commercial properties, residential communities, schools, retail, healthcare, places of worship, sports & entertainment venues and conferences.

Office Building Security

Elite provides employers & property managers with office security staff & infrastructure where employees and visitors feel safe and provides you peace of mind.

Residential Community Security

Elite provides residential communities with friendly security staff & infrastructure so that residents & visitors feel safe and provides everyone peace of mind.

Retail & Dining Establishments

Elite provides retail centers and dining establishments with professional and vigilant security staff & infrastructure that prevents loss and protects patrons.

Industrial & Construction Sites

Industrial and construction sites are targets for illegal activity. Elite’s vigilant construction security staff & infrastructure prevent theft and vandalism.

Healthcare, Research & Hospitals

Security for healthcare, hospitals & research facilities requires a professional, collaborative and proactive approach in maintaining your facility’s integrity.

Hotel & Resort Security

Elite’s resort and hotel security provides reliable staff & infrastructure that ensure your guests are safe and have an incredible experience at your property.

Educational Institution Security

There is nothing more important than the safety of your students & staff. We provide professional & attentive school security ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Houses of Worship Security

We prioritize your safety with qualified & alert synagogue, temple, mosque & church security guards. Our staff ensures peace of mind & a safe place to worship.

Maritime & Transportation Security

Maritime security and transportation security requires vigilant guards & infrastructure. Elite has extensive experience, ensuring people and property are safe.

Clubs & Community Center Security

Trust Elite to provide reliable and friendly club & community center security to ensure your members, staff & visitors are safe and your facility is protected.

Sports & Entertainment Venue Security

Elite’s sports & entertainment venue security provides reliable staff & infrastructure ensuring your facility is safe & visitors have an incredible experience.

Media & Film Production Security

Elite provides studio security and remote production security with infrastructure and trained security professionals who mitigate threats and protect talent.

Event Security & Staffing

Event security can require dozens or more qualified staff to ensure the safety of all attendees. We can ensure your event is safe and successful.

Convention & Conference Security

Conferences and Consumer Shows require a sizable security solution to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your attendees. We can help.

Consulting & Specialized Security Services

Security solutions don’t always come easy – there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Trust Elite for consulting and specialized solutions to meet your needs.