Staffing for Conferences & Consumer Shows

Conference and Consumer Shows require a sizable security solution to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your attendees. Whether your show is intimate and involved or scaled up for a record-breaking audience, we understand the need to be 100% prepared for all possibilities. Stick with Elite Security & Staffing for the proper resources and a robust staff of trained and licensed guards, concierge security, event staff, and more to secure your event.

  • Professional, courteous guards and concierge security trained and licensed to state standards
  • Staff available for load-in, load-out, and overnight equipment watch
  • Coat-and-tie staff available for an extra level of professionalism

Our Conference & Consumer Show Security Services include:

  • Convention Centers
  • Hotel Meeting Facilities
  • Trade Shows
  • Consumer Shows
  • Meetings

Protect your conferences and consumer shows with Elite

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