Concierge Security

Elite Security & Staffing’s Concierge Security is the first official face your patrons or guests will see. Courteous and welcoming, our concierge security staff are trained in safety and security – just like guards – but are present as friendly greeters, helpers, and observers who are always there to help. Our concierge staff sets the tone for your facility or event, providing visitors with the comfort and satisfaction only the most hospitable hosts can achieve.

  • First Step in Protection

    Our concierge security is the eyes and ears of your organization – always the first step in knowing what's happening every day

  • Trained in Several Areas of Safety

    While our Concierge Staff provides top-notch customer service, they are also trained in crisis areas such as terrorism awareness and workplace violence

  • Great for Events

    Concierge Staff can direct the flow of event traffic and aid any patrons looking for assistance

  • Friendly & Welcoming

    Our Concierge Staff knows how to provide top-notch customer service and greet all patrons with a friendly smile

Our Concierge Security Solutions Include:

  • Concierge Residential Ambassador
  • Concierge Lobby Ambassador
  • Front Lobby Attendant

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