Event Staff

Event Staff

Our event staff and conference services can handle your specific requirements, whether you need alcohol and crowd management or a suit-and-tie presence.

Retail & Dining Establishment Security

Retail and Dining Establishments experience a foot and vehicle traffic like no other. Trust Elite to provide retail security for your tenants and customers.

Sports & Entertainment Venue Security

Elite Security & Staffing has provided venue security for satisfied sports and entertainment clients since 1995.

Hotel & Resort Security

Part of an incredible guest experience at your hotel or resort is the satisfaction of a safe and secure stay. Trust Elite to guard your property and guests.

Houses of Worship Security

We can help with your temple, mosque, synagogue, or church security. Trust Elite to keep watch so you can worship in peace.

Educational Institution Security

We understand that providing school security ensures students of all ages and abilities are provided the peace of mind to learn without distraction.

Public Assembly & Community Security

Public Assembly and Community Centers are central to the way our society interacts and relates to each other. Trust Elite to keep your facility a safe and welcoming place.

Specialized Services

Elite Security & Staffing’s Specialized Services are available to help you meet unique or unpredicted challenges in your security or staffing needs.