Security Patrol Services & Solutions

Security Patrol

Security Patrol

Elite’s security patrol services are the proactive and budget friendly solution to deterring crime and maintaining safety.

Security Guards

Elite’s professional security guards effectively protect your people and property, affording you peace of mind.

Residential Community Security

Elite provides residential communities with friendly security staff & infrastructure so that residents & visitors feel safe and provides everyone peace of mind.

Office Building Security

Elite provides employers & property managers with office security staff & infrastructure where employees and visitors feel safe and provides you peace of mind.

Industrial & Construction Sites

Industrial and construction sites are targets for illegal activity. Elite’s vigilant construction security staff & infrastructure prevent theft and vandalism.

Houses of Worship Security

We prioritize your safety with qualified & alert synagogue, temple, mosque & church security guards. Our staff ensures peace of mind & a safe place to worship.

Retail & Dining Establishments

Elite provides retail centers and dining establishments with professional and vigilant security staff & infrastructure that prevents loss and protects patrons.

Healthcare, Research & Hospitals

Security for healthcare, hospitals & research facilities requires a professional, collaborative and proactive approach in maintaining your facility’s integrity.

Clubs & Community Center Security

Trust Elite to provide reliable and friendly club & community center security to ensure your members, staff & visitors are safe and your facility is protected.

Maritime & Transportation Security

Maritime security and transportation security requires vigilant guards & infrastructure. Elite has extensive experience, ensuring people and property are safe.

Hotel & Resort Security

Elite’s resort and hotel security provides reliable staff & infrastructure that ensure your guests are safe and have an incredible experience at your property.

Educational Institution Security

There is nothing more important than the safety of your students & staff. We provide professional & attentive school security ensuring safety and peace of mind.